Augmented Reality with Bellini Fine Moulding

Its been an amazing experience working at SPS Corporation for the past couple of months. One of the best things happened to me this year was being able to work in this great work place. As I joined the organisation, I was lucky enough to initiate a very cool augmented reality project for one of the organisations sectors “Bellini – Fine Moulding

The augmented reality experience was created by using Zappar , an application which allows the user to create their own augmented reality experience with powerful tools.

With the previous knowledge in 3D graphic design and augmented reality applications the adaptation of the new application and implementation was made easy. However understanding the application and integrating media content did take bit of a time as this project was more of a trial/demo.

I would like to thank our marketing manager Damien Fong for giving me the opportunity to work on this project and providing me the guidance and support to always make things better.

As a result were able to produce a functional augmented reality application with 3 weeks time.