Assassin’s Creed


Image manipulation done after a picture i took at Animaga 2016 in Melbourne.



The Nomad

“I have been loved been in love. I’m not saying I have not. I have an amazing family and great set of close friends. The idea of love and affection was always there, but not in the way I craved. So I numbed myself through the years thinking that it’s for the best. During this process, I had to drift from one place to another. I was connecting with people in ways that I never imagined I ever could. The more I drifted, more I felt like a distant side character. The people I knew changed, the faces remained. Like a lone wolf, I grew stronger. I became a person who thought depending on someone is weakness. Now I’m getting what I craved throughout these years, but the numbness are playing tricks on me. I feel like I belong somewhere. I am not a stray anymore.”