ANIMAGA 2019 : It Still Feels Like Home

So the last week I attended one of the best and the bravest Anime conventions in Melbourne as a media representative. It was ANIMAGA 2019 aka Anime Manga and Games Expo, has always been a favorite of mine.

The reason why I said bravest, because… this event is not like the rest. Its made by fans for the fans. Unlike most commercialised conventions, ANIMAGA tend to hold bit of integrity and always gave me a feeling of community, family and representation for a niche fan base.

But I might be bit bias when it comes to ANIMAGA Expo, as I have few personal ties with the event. In early 2016, I joined ANIMAGA as a volunteer, and I was in charge of the stages.

Ah! those were the good days when the event was held at Melbourne Show Grounds. I still remember running around the grounds from one stage to another as two main stages were in two different locations. I must say it was a great workout.

And bam! the year after I ended up working as a staff member, being their Media Manager for the years of 2017 and 2018, and was able to get a sneaky feature in Kotaku in 2017. This was when the event came back to the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building. By this time the event has started to bloom!

However, due to other personal commitments I decided to retire from ANIMAGA staff position.

This year I had the opportunity to become one of ANIMAGA’s media representative and here I am writing about the event (not really) and what not.

If you need more information about the event or what they got, please click here, as I am not writing this to talk about the event… but how it made me feel.

You wanna see the pictures I took of the event? Click here.

As the heading of this post says, It still makes me feel like home 🙂


Because, all my friends are there! Nuff said. The old ones and the ones I made on the day!

Except for that, ye all the artwork, merch and other things which I would get for myself and drool over for the years to come.

Personally I had a great time at the event. I know that for some attendees it might not have been the best, but hey! they are trying!

Thanks to these organizers we have a place to be, a place that feels like home ❤

Here is a compilation of video snippets from the event. Hope you enjoy!


The Reasons To Con

Its been nearly a decade since I got my self in to the pop culture events. At first I used to attend these events to get the latest merchandise, check out the most recent video game and how it’s effecting the mass crowds, table top games, sexy cosplays and not so sexy ones and meeting new and like minded people and of course the trend!

But recently I am starting to go to cons not because of the trend, but because of the amazing people I met during these events, and because of how they made me feel. Some of these people have become the closet people in my life. I might not be able to sum up everything in a 2 minute video, but hey, thank you for all those who has been around and been amazing! 

and thank you for making a place where I feel like I belong