Deakin Talent Ambassador Program

In early 2016 I had the opportunity to take part in the Deakin Talent Ambassador program. A program which promotes services related graduate employment and finding suitable career paths for students at Deakin University

I started working as a student ambassador for the Deakin Talent Connect platform, under the Digital Strategy team of DeakinTalent. The ambassadors task were to make awareness of the services available such as DeakinTalent Connect, Resume Workshops, Interview Workshops and etc, via DeakinTalent to students at Deakin University.

As a result I was able to take part in the Experience and Employment Expo Events held at Deakin University,Burwood.

After working in the team, I was recognized for the skill sets I had in the field of multimedia content development. As a result, I was able to work in closely with the DeakinTalent’s new web portal. My tasks were to produce videos for reach services available in the DeakinTalent. I was directly involved with the pre-production and post production of video content development in this project.

Following are some of the videos i produced for the web portal.

Career Success Workshops

Deakin International Student Careers Program

Students Leading Students

For more information about DeakinTalent you can click here.