Around 2 years ago, while I was still at university following my Masters Degree I had the opportunity to take part in a work integrated study unit called WIL (Work Integrated Learning) at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus.

The Work Integrated Learning Unit aka WIL was managed by the Freelancing Hub, which was back then a newly initiated program to provide students with real work place experience under DeakinTalent Program. While working with the FreelancingHub our team had the amazing opportunity to create a Communication Plan for the Tunstall Square Shopping Centre in Doncaster East. As enjoyable it was, this project had a lot of potential and we didn’t even realise it back then.

Read about the project here: Project Tunstall Square

After nearly 2 years of finishing my Masters, today I get tagged on a Facebook post by one of the team members which was involved in the same project as I was in the Work Integrated Learning Unit at Deakin.

And you know what, this post was about the 2nd stage of one of our proposed ideas going live!

Watch the video of the 1st stage here:

Yes! it is a big deal, I mean who would have thought that this would actually happen?

Now I’m sitting here writing about this, because its a great feeling to see that the ideas were put in to action and it is not just helping the stakeholders which we were involved with during the project but also the community around it.

The details of the 2nd stage of the project are below

I intend to actively take take part in this community project and maybe draw something if they permit! 


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