Digital Publishing








Assignment submitted for ACG702 – Digital Publishing Deakin University Masters Of Communication (Digital Media)

For the interactive issue :

Assessment 2 requires the decoding of textual artefacts. Students will be
provided with 6 photographs of typography and write a brief explanation of the way
the text and type artefact/s appear/s and describe the manner in which it is displayed.
Students then develop a short 7 page digital presentation based on grid systems to
share their findings.
– To effectively synthesise and dispute your own conceptual and visual communication
ideas using a range of visual media related to 3 dimensional design artefacts.
– To identify and apply research methods and to provide a body of supporting material
through self directed study.
– Develop skills and knowledge of using communication design visual and theoretical
principles to communicate effectively through the digital medium.
– To experience the design process, staring from research, analysing, documenting and
thinking about the subject matter to finding form to communicate the concept.
– To develop the skill of using industry standard digital publishing software to communicate
effectively over multiple pages.


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